How to put lanyard on phone case?

Lanyards provide a practical way to keep your phone close at hand, reducing the risk of dropping or misplacing it. Whether for convenience, fashion, or security, adding a lanyard to your phone case can be a great decision. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to attach a lanyard to your phone case.


  • Phone case with a lanyard hole (or a hole that can be used for this purpose)

  • Lanyard of your choice


  1. Inspect Your Phone Case: Before you begin, it's essential to check if your phone case has a pre-made lanyard hole. Most modern phone cases, especially the ones designed for larger devices, include these small holes, typically located at the bottom corners or top corners of the case.

  2. Choose a Suitable Lanyard: Depending on your style and preference, lanyards come in various materials, colors, and designs. When picking a lanyard, ensure it's durable enough to hold the weight of your phone and has a thin loop at one end to pass through the phone case hole.

  3. Inserting the Lanyard:

    a. Hold the lanyard so that the thin loop end is accessible.

    b. Thread the thin loop end of the lanyard through the hole on the phone case from the outside to the inside. This will create a small loop on the outside.

    c. Once threaded, pass the other end of the lanyard (the one with the clip or the thicker section) through this small outside loop.

    d. Pull the lanyard end entirely through the loop until it's secure. The knot-like formation made by this action will hold the lanyard in place.

  4. Test the Security: Before using your phone with the attached lanyard, give it a gentle tug to ensure it's secure. The last thing you want is for your phone to fall because the lanyard was not attached properly.

  5. Wear It: Depending on the lanyard's length, you can wear it around your neck, wrist, or attach it to a bag. Always ensure the phone hangs freely and doesn't pose a strangulation hazard, especially if wearing it around your neck.


  • If your phone case doesn’t have a lanyard hole and you still want to use one, consider purchasing a case specifically designed for this or carefully make a small hole in a safe area of the case using a thin drill or heated needle. However, do so at your own risk, and always ensure it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the case.

  • Always double-check the lanyard's strength and durability, especially if you're into outdoor activities or use your phone in settings where there's a significant risk of it falling.

  • Some users opt for detachable lanyards, which allow you to remove the long section while leaving the loop attached to the phone. This is particularly handy if you need the lanyard occasionally.

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