Create Custom Lanyards in 5 Easy Steps

Custom printed lanyards are more than just functional accessories; they are effective promotional items that serve as constant reminders of your brand. Whether you're organizing an industry conference, a trade show, a music festival, or a corporate event, custom lanyards offer a practical solution for carrying ID cards or access passes while doubling as mobile advertisements for your brand.

The secret behind the power of custom printed lanyards is their adaptability. You can customize them to match your event's color scheme, prominently display your logo, and even include relevant text or additional features like badge holders or safety breakaways.

But what exactly are custom printed lanyards and why do they hold such significance as a promotional item?

Custom Lanyards: Wearable Billboards

Think of custom printed lanyards as wearable billboards. Every time an attendee looks down at their pass or adjusts their lanyard, they're reminded of your brand. When they collect their lanyard at registration, it's another touchpoint with your branding. As they move through the event space, other attendees, exhibitors, even staff members will notice the lanyard - and your brand. The result? Increased visibility and brand awareness that lasts long after the event has ended.

Utility and Appreciation

The popularity of custom lanyards isn't just tied to their marketing potential. They're also appreciated for their utility. A well-designed lanyard can hold essential items like ID cards or keys, keeping hands free for networking, note-taking or managing event equipment.

So how can you tap into the branding power and practicality of custom lanyards? This guide will take you through five easy steps to create your own custom made lanyards. We'll help you:

  1. Select the right type of lanyard

  2. Guide you through the design process

  3. Explain how to place your order and choose customization options

  4. Show you how to add extra touches to make your lanyards truly stand out

By the end of this guide, you'll have all the knowledge you need to create custom lanyards tailored perfectly to your specific needs.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Type of Lanyard

When crafting a memorable event experience, custom lanyards serve as a key branding element. The selection process is crucial to ensure they align with your event's theme and functional needs. Here's how to pick the perfect lanyard for your occasion:

Consider the Event Type

Each event carries its unique atmosphere and requirements:

  • Conferences: Opt for professional and sleek custom conference lanyards that can hold name tags and business cards.

  • Trade Shows: Durability matters here. Choose sturdy materials that can withstand multiple days of active networking.

  • Music Festivals: Go for brightly colored, fun lanyards that reflect the vibrant energy of the event.

Material and Style Options

Your choices of material and style will communicate your brand's message:

  • Polyester: Versatile and durable, ideal for both formal and casual events.

  • Nylon: Gives a high-quality sheen that catches the eye, perfect for upscale gatherings.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Bamboo fibers or recycled PET are excellent for sustainability-focused events.

Customization Opportunities

Personalize your lanyards to stand out:

  • Colors: Match them with your brand palette or event theme for visual coherence.

  • Logo Printing: Ensure your logo is visible and clear to maximize brand recall.

  • Additional Features: Incorporate badge holders for easy ID display or safety breakaways for added security.

Importance of Appropriate Selection

The right lanyard does more than hold IDs; it enhances attendee experience and serves as a walking advertisement. For example, if you're hosting a tech conference, you might want custom made lanyards with built-in USB drives—a practical take-home that keeps your brand in mind long after the event ends.

Variety in the Market

A myriad of options awaits when searching for the perfect lanyard:

  • For subtle elegance, consider woven lanyards where your brand name is stitched into the fabric—ideal for corporate retreats.

  • Dye-sublimated lanyards offer edge-to-edge printing capability which means limitless design potential for creative branding during product launches or art shows.

By considering these aspects carefully, you ensure that the custom lanyards you select not only meet the practical needs of carrying identification but also act as an integral part of your event's branding strategy. With a diverse range of materials, styles, and customization options available in the market, finding a lanyard that resonates with your event's essence is simpler than ever.

Step 2: Choosing the Perfect Design and Customization Options

Once you have selected the right type of lanyard, it's time to dive into the exciting world of design customization. From picking the perfect color to deciding on a logo or font, this step allows you to inject your brand's personality into your promotional items.

Selecting Design Elements

Every design detail on your custom printed lanyard serves a purpose. Colors, fonts, and logos are not only aesthetic choices but powerful branding tools as well.

Color Selection

The color of your lanyards is often the first thing people notice. It should align with your brand colors for consistency and recognition. For example, if you're a company that sells eco-friendly products, you might opt for green hues.

Font Choices

The right font can significantly impact the readability and overall look of your lanyards. A clear, bold font could be ideal for an informational event, while a more elegant script might suit a formal gathering.

Logo Placement

Your logo is an essential part of your brand identity. Ensure it's clearly visible on the lanyard without being overwhelming. Strategically placed logos can improve brand visibility and recognition.

Exploring Customization Options

Customization options allow you to create truly unique lanyards tailored to your needs. Here are some elements you can tweak:

  • Base Colors: Most custom lanyard manufacturers offer a wide range of base colors. This choice forms the backdrop for all other design elements.

  • Background Patterns: Consider adding some depth to your design with background patterns. These could be as simple as stripes or polka dots or something more intricate related to your event's theme.

  • Gradients: Gradients are a stylish way to add a touch of sophistication to your designs. They involve transitioning from one color to another, often creating a pleasing visual effect.

As you explore these customisation options, remember that less is often more. Your lanyard should be visually appealing without being too busy or cluttered. You want attendees to focus on your brand and the event, not be distracted by overly complex designs.

To truly visualize what your custom lanyard will look like, consider using online design tools offered by many lanyard manufacturers. These tools allow you to play around with different design elements and customization options, providing a virtual mockup of your design.

Designing the perfect lanyard involves careful consideration of multiple factors. By choosing appropriate colors, fonts, logos, and additional design features, you can create a powerful promotional tool that enhances brand visibility and adds value to your event.

With your design in place, it's time to move onto the next step: Placing your order. Keep reading to learn about considerations for bulk quantities and urgent requirements.

Step 3: Placing Your Order - Considerations for Bulk Quantities and Urgent Requirements

When it comes to producing custom lanyards, it's essential to bear in mind the scale of your requirements. Many companies provide significant discounts for bulk orders, creating an opportunity for cost savings.

Let's break down some key considerations:

1. Estimate the Quantity Needed

For events such as conferences or trade shows, having a clear idea of the expected attendees will help you determine the number of lanyards required. Don't forget to account for extras, just in case!

2. Consider Lead Times

Custom lanyards aren't produced overnight. From approval of design proof to production, there is a lead time. Having a clear timeline will ensure you receive your order when needed.

3. Check for Bulk Discounts

Ordering in large quantities often comes with financial perks. Many lanyard providers offer discounts on bulk orders, allowing you to make the most out of your budget.

In circumstances where time is of the essence, rush services can be a lifesaver. Companies offer these services to expedite production and ensure express delivery of your custom lanyards.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Express Doesn't Mean Instant: Rush services accelerate the production process but remember it still takes time. Always check with your provider about their specific rush timelines.

  • Rush Services May Cost Extra: While getting your lanyards quickly might be imperative, understand that rush services typically come at a premium price.

  • Communicate Clearly: If you have an urgent need, communicate this upfront with your provider to ensure they can meet your deadline.

Remember, creating custom lanyards should be an enjoyable process. By planning ahead and understanding what’s involved in placing an order, you can avoid last-minute stress and ensure the final product meets your expectations.

Step 4: Personalizing Lanyards Through Online Tools or Design Assistance

Personalizing your lanyards can take them to a whole new level, making them stand out from the crowd. This process allows you to showcase your brand image and event theme more effectively. There are two main ways you can personalize your custom lanyards – online designer tools and professional design services.

Using Online Designer Tools

Online designer tools are user-friendly platforms that allow you to design your lanyard in real-time. These tools typically feature a straightforward interface where you can input your preferences and see how they look immediately. Steps may include:

  1. Choosing the base color: Most tools offer a wide range of colors for you to pick from.

  2. Selecting the text: Input the desired text and select the font, size, and color.

  3. Uploading your logo or image: Ensure that your file is high-resolution for the best result.

  4. Adding other elements: Depending on the tool, you might be able to add patterns, change gradients, or include additional features.

Tip: Always preview your design before finalizing it!

Seeking Professional Design Assistance

If you're not confident about designing the lanyards yourself or if you're looking for something more complex, seeking professional design assistance could be your best bet. Many companies offer this service as part of their package.

To use such a service, you'd need to submit your requirements via email. Include details like:

  • The type of event

  • Desired colors

  • Text and font preferences

  • Logo or image files

  • Any special requests or ideas

The professionals will then create a design based on your specifications and send it back for approval.

Both these options have their pros: online designer tools give you control over every detail while professional design services save time and guarantee a high-quality result. Your choice should depend on your specific needs and resources.

Remember, a well-designed lanyard can enhance your event's branding, create a cohesive look, and leave a lasting impression on attendees. Therefore, it's worth investing time and thought into this step.

Step 5: Adding Extra Touches - Enhancements and Accessories for Custom Lanyards

As you navigate through the process of creating custom lanyards, another pivotal step is to consider adding extra touches. Enhancements and accessories can elevate your lanyards from being merely functional to becoming an integral part of your event's overall aesthetic and branding. Let's delve into some options you might find beneficial.

Reflective Strips

Reflective strips on your custom lanyards can indeed be a game changer, especially for evening events or outdoor activities. These strips significantly enhance visibility in low light conditions, ensuring that your brand remains prominent even as the sun goes down. For instance, if you're hosting a music festival or a night-time trade show, reflective strips will help keep your event and brand in the spotlight.

Metallic Screen Print

Another fascinating feature to consider is metallic screen printing. This technique adds a sleek and professional look to your custom lanyards, infusing them with a touch of elegance that enhances your event's image. Metallic prints are especially popular for corporate gatherings or premium product launches where every detail matters. The shimmering effect of metallic print not only catches the eye but also helps your logo or brand name stand out against the lanyard's base color.

Clear Plastic Wallets

Practicality is key when it comes to event planning, and this is where clear plastic wallets come into play. These wallets can be easily attached to custom lanyards and used to hold essential items such as ID cards, event schedules, or other important documents. For example, at a conference or trade show, attendees could use these wallets to keep their business cards handy for networking opportunities. The clear plastic ensures that all contents are visible at first glance, offering convenience for attendees while keeping your event well-organized.

Adding these enhancements not only boosts the utility of your lanyards but also improves their aesthetic appeal. Remember, your custom lanyards are more than just accessories; they're a reflection of your brand and event. Every detail, from the base color to the type of print, matters in conveying your brand's message.

For more inspiration on creative uses for lanyards that you might not have thought of before, check out this informative article by The Promotion King.

Exploring Eco-Friendly Options

When planning an event, you have the power to make a statement about your brand’s commitment to the environment. By choosing eco-friendly lanyards for your event's credentials, you not only provide a practical tool for attendees but also highlight your organization's dedication to sustainability.

The Appeal of Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable materials have become increasingly sought after in the production of custom lanyards. These materials are designed to decompose naturally over time, reducing their impact on the environment. When you opt for lanyards crafted from such materials, you're selecting an item that aligns with eco-conscious values and practices.

Materials for Biodegradable Lanyards

  • Bamboo Fiber: A popular choice due to its soft texture and natural decomposition properties.

  • Cotton: Organic cotton offers a comfortable feel and is kind to the planet.

  • Corn Fiber: This innovative material is both durable and biodegradable.

By incorporating biodegradable materials into your lanyard design, you send a clear message that your event respects nature’s delicate balance.

The Benefits of Recycled Materials

Recycled materials present another excellent option for those seeking environmentally responsible lanyard solutions. Utilizing recycled fabrics helps:

  • Decrease waste in landfills

  • Conserve resources by repurposing existing materials

  • Reduce energy consumption associated with manufacturing new fibers

Lanyards made from recycled PET bottles or industrial polyester waste exemplify how repurposed materials can be transformed into stylish and functional accessories.

Demonstrating Environmental Responsibility

Selecting eco-friendly lanyards demonstrates more than just a trend-savvy choice; it showcases proactive steps towards environmental stewardship within the event industry. Attendees take notice when an event goes the extra mile in practicing sustainability, often leading to enhanced reputation and positive word-of-mouth.

Sustainable Material Choices

As you delve into the world of sustainable lanyard options, consider these materials for their low environmental impact:

  • Bamboo: Known for its rapid growth and renewable nature.

  • Organic Cotton: Cultivated without harmful pesticides or chemicals.

  • Recycled Polyester: Gives a second life to plastic that would otherwise pollute our planet.

Each material offers unique benefits while contributing less towards ecological depletion.

If you're curious about how these materials compare in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal, consider exploring further resources like the Deep Dive into Lanyard Materials - The Promotion KingFAQ, which provides valuable insights into various lanyard fabrics.

By embracing eco-friendly lanyard options, you help pave the way for more sustainable event practices. You also ensure that every aspect of your event—from name badges to promotional giveaways—reflects a deep-rooted commitment to protecting our environment. Whether through biodegradable or recycled fabric choices, each step towards eco-friendliness is a stride towards a greener future.


Custom printed lanyards serve as a cornerstone to the organization and security of any event. They are not just simple accessories; they play a crucial role in ensuring that events run smoothly. From conferences to trade shows, and from festivals to corporate gatherings, custom printed lanyards meet a variety of needs while also offering a canvas for brand expression.

Enhancing Event Security and Organization

  • Security: By providing an easy method of identification, these lanyards help in maintaining the integrity of an event, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access.

  • Organization: Streamlining the process of identification can significantly speed up check-ins and reduce potential bottlenecks at entry points.

Branding and Promotion

  • Visibility: As attendees wear your lanyards throughout the event, your brand gains continuous exposure.

  • Customization: Tailoring design elements such as logos, colors, and text to align with your brand identity helps in creating a cohesive look across all promotional materials.

Opportunities for Creativity

  • Design Freedom: You have the liberty to choose from a wide array of customization options to create something that truly represents your brand's message.

  • Lasting Impressions: Use creative designs to ensure that your lanyard stands out, leaving attendees with a memorable takeaway from your event.

Staying Informed and Updated

  • Engagement: Actively seek out reputable companies specializing in custom printed lanyards for their expert guidance and access to modern design tools.

  • Trends: By engaging with professionals and exploring official websites, you stay current on the latest trends in event branding and lanyard production.

For anyone planning an event, it is clear that custom printed lanyards offer multifaceted benefits. They are indispensable tools for seamless event management and branding opportunities. Dive into designing custom printed lanyards that resonate with your audience and echo your brand’s ethos. Remember to partner with established providers who can support you through every step of the creation process.

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