How long are lanyards?

Lanyards, those versatile cords often seen around people’s necks holding badges, keys, and other small items, come in various lengths and styles. Their widespread use in conferences, corporate environments, schools, events, and even in everyday fashion means there’s a demand to understand their dimensions and the ideal lengths for various purposes. This article dives into the typical lengths of lanyards and their respective uses.

Common Lanyard Lengths

Most commercially available lanyards fall within a few standard lengths:

  • Short Lanyards (around 12-17 inches): These are typically wrist lanyards used for holding small items like USB drives or a set of keys. They're designed to fit snugly around the wrist without dangling excessively.

  • Standard Lanyards (around 34-36 inches): This length is the most common and is usually worn around the neck. When folded in half, it typically hangs down 17-18 inches from the back of the neck. These are often used for badges, ID cards, and keys.

  • Long Lanyards (40 inches and above): Less common, these are used when a longer reach is needed or for specific fashion or decorative purposes.

Factors Influencing Lanyard Length

  • Purpose: A lanyard meant for displaying an ID at chest level might be shorter than one designed to hold keys that need to reach a door without unhooking.

  • Audience: For younger users, such as children in schools, shorter lanyards might be more appropriate for safety and fit reasons.

  • Material Flexibility: Some materials might stretch over time, making the lanyard longer than when initially purchased.

Custom Lanyards

Whether it's for a specific event, a promotional activity, or a unique workplace need, custom lengths can be beneficial.

Safety Considerations

When selecting a lanyard length, safety should be a primary concern:

  • Children: For younger users, avoid excessively long lanyards that can easily get caught in objects, potentially posing a strangulation risk.

  • Machinery and Equipment: In workplaces with heavy machinery, it's essential to ensure lanyards don't dangle too much, as they can get caught and pose a risk.

Fashion and Aesthetics

Lanyards have also found a place in the world of fashion. Designers sometimes incorporate them into clothing or as standalone accessories. Here, the length might be influenced more by style and aesthetics than functionality.

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