50 Creative Uses for Lanyards You Never Thought Of

When you think of lanyards, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a simple neck strap used to hold identification badges or keys. While lanyards are indeed great for such practical purposes, they have a lot more to offer than meets the eye. In this blog post, we'll explore 25 creative and unexpected uses for lanyards that can add both functionality and style to your daily life.

  1. Plant Hanger: Use a sturdy lanyard to hang potted plants from hooks or brackets. This is a stylish way to display your greenery indoors or on your porch.

  2. Camera Strap: Replace your uncomfortable camera strap with a comfortable and adjustable lanyard. This is especially handy for photographers who spend long hours capturing moments.

  3. DIY Dog Leash: In a pinch, a lanyard can become a temporary leash for your furry friend. It's not a long-term solution, but it can be handy in emergencies.

  4. Zipper Pull: Attach a small lanyard to your jacket or backpack zipper to make it easier to grip and open, even with gloves on.

  5. Bookmark: Use a lanyard as a bookmark to keep your place in your favorite book or journal.

  6. Cord Organizer: Bundle up your charging cables, headphones, or other cords with a lanyard to keep them neat and tangle-free.

  7. Wrist Strap for Small Devices: Attach a lanyard to your smartphone, handheld gaming device, or portable speaker to prevent accidental drops.

  8. Keychain: Of course, lanyards are great for holding keys, but you can also use them to organize multiple sets of keys.

  9. DIY Jewelry: Get creative and make your own necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings using colorful lanyards.

  10. Glasses Holder: Never lose your glasses again by attaching a lanyard to the arms and hanging them around your neck when not in use.

  11. Curtain Tiebacks: Give your curtains a unique look by using lanyards as tiebacks. Choose colors that complement your decor.

  12. Badge Holder for Events: Custom lanyards with your event's logo or theme can serve as both a badge holder and a keepsake for attendees.

  13. Tool Tether: When working on DIY projects, attach your small tools to a lanyard to keep them within reach and prevent them from getting lost.

  14. Guitar Strap: Musicians can repurpose a sturdy lanyard as a temporary guitar strap, ideal for practice sessions.

  15. Bike Lock: Secure your bike by looping a lanyard through the wheels or handlebars and locking it to a post or rack.

  16. Hiking Gear Attachment: Use lanyards to attach water bottles, flashlights, or other small items to your backpack during hikes.

  17. Sunglasses Holder in the Car: Hang your sunglasses from your rearview mirror using a lanyard for quick access while driving.

  18. Emergency Whistle: Thread a whistle onto a lanyard and wear it around your neck for added safety during outdoor adventures.

  19. Kids' Art Display: Hang your child's artwork on the wall with lanyards for an ever-changing gallery of their masterpieces.

  20. Wine Glass Charms: Create unique wine glass charms for parties by attaching different lanyards to each glass.

  21. Luggage Identifier: Make your luggage stand out at the airport by tying a bright lanyard to your suitcase's handle.

  22. Yoga Mat Carrier: Loop a lanyard through your rolled-up yoga mat and wear it like a shoulder strap for easy transport.

  23. Crafting and Sewing Aid: Keep your scissors, measuring tape, or sewing tools close at hand with a lanyard worn around your neck.

  24. Fishing Rod Holder: Secure your fishing rod by attaching it to a lanyard and looping it around your wrist while you wait for the big catch.

  25. Emergency Shoe Lace: If you find yourself with a broken shoelace, use a lanyard as a temporary replacement until you can get a proper fix.

  26. Shoelace Replacement: In a pinch, a lanyard can serve as a temporary replacement for a broken shoelace. Just lace it through the eyelets of your shoes.

  27. Temporary Zipper Repair: If a zipper pull breaks off, loop a small lanyard through the zipper slider to create a makeshift pull.

  28. Pet ID Tag Holder: Keep your pet's ID tags secure by attaching them to a lanyard and hanging it from their collar.

  29. Hair Accessory: Braid a colorful lanyard into your hair for a unique and eye-catching hair accessory.

  30. Frisbee Game: Create an impromptu game of catch by using a lanyard as a makeshift Frisbee.

  31. Napkin Ring: Impress your dinner guests by using lanyards as stylish napkin rings.

  32. Temporary Belt: In emergencies or when traveling, use a lanyard as a makeshift belt to hold up loose-fitting pants.

  33. Luggage Strap: Secure your luggage by wrapping a lanyard around your suitcase and locking it in place.

  34. Party Decorations: Hang lanyards as colorful and festive decorations for parties and celebrations.

  35. Bottle Opener Holder: Keep a bottle opener handy by attaching it to a lanyard and wearing it around your neck at events or parties.

  36. Scarf Accessory: Thread a lanyard through the end of your scarf to keep it from slipping off.

  37. Camping Clothesline: String lanyards between trees to create a makeshift clothesline for drying wet clothes while camping.

  38. Emergency Sling: In an emergency, a lanyard can be used as an improvised sling to support an injured arm or shoulder.

  39. Knife or Multi-tool Holder: Keep your pocket knife or multi-tool accessible by attaching it to a lanyard and hanging it from your belt loop.

  40. Lunch Bag Handle: Upgrade your lunch bag by attaching lanyards as comfortable, padded handles.

  41. Guitar Pick Holder: Guitarists can slide a few guitar picks onto a lanyard for quick access during performances.

  42. Window Blinds Pull Cord: Replace a hard-to-reach window blinds pull cord with a lanyard for easier adjustments.

  43. DIY Sandals: Weave lanyards into a basic sandal design for a unique and custom footwear option.

  44. Seat Belt Adjuster: If your seatbelt tends to rub against your neck or shoulder, attach a lanyard to it for added comfort.

  45. Sun Hat Chin Strap: Secure your sun hat on windy days by attaching it to a lanyard and looping it under your chin.

  46. Mini Flagpole: Attach a small flag or banner to a lanyard for a quick and easy way to display your support for a cause or sports team.

  47. Bike Handlebar Streamers: Add some flair to your bicycle by attaching lanyards to the handlebars as colorful streamers.

  48. Jewelry Organizer: Hang lanyards with hooks or pegs to organize and display your jewelry collection.

  49. Paracord Replacement: In survival situations, a lanyard can serve as a makeshift paracord for various tasks.

  50. Wrist Rest for Computer Mouse: Loop a lanyard around your wrist while using a computer mouse to provide extra support and reduce strain.

These creative uses for lanyards demonstrate their versatility and adaptability in various aspects of daily life, from fashion and decoration to emergency situations and outdoor activities. So, don't underestimate the potential of those spare lanyards you have lying around!

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